Innate Health

Health is a complex and emotive subject, and this is simply our ‘take’ on the matter.

Our message of Innate Health is built around the premise that health is indeed innate, and that good health is our birthright. The three practices of listening to the body, removing artificial barriers, and dealing with the causes of symptoms at their core, are invaluable.

We talk about hearing the body, and what it tells us as it guides us towards pleasure and away from pain.

Our understanding is that when we ignore these positive, helpful messages that they, by neccessity, need to become ‘louder’, and eventually develop into symptoms.

Therefore, our interpretation is that the empowering belief to hold is that symptoms are loving messages from our Self, trying desperately to guide us toward health, happiness and being our true selves, and that all we are to do is listen, and respond to what we are being told from within with courage and faith.

Our message of ‘body wisdom’ is that we listen to our bodies and respond to that with responsibility, honesty, and compassion (but not disempowering pity) for ourselves and others.

With love,

Papillon Human Potential