IntegrationThe message of integration is one of great wisdom and power. Not power in terms of trying to control others, for that is only the illusion of power, but the power that comes from the wisdom of working out and realising that all the parts of the whole share a common interest, and that those parts, and the whole itself, benefit many times more from co-operation and teamwork, the largest form of team, of course, being the universe itself, with both humanity’s team and the individual key parts of that.

You need only look at a family, a relationship, a company, an organisation, a physical human body, a desire or agenda, a nation or an international congress to see the wisdom and success for both the whole and the parts of an integrated and co-operative approach, and the problematic incompletion and struggle of all of these which try to operate without these.

As with the picture, right, each part is moulded to work in harmony with each other, resulting in the success of both the whole and each individual part.

And nowhere is this more visible than with the integration of the individual, both as part of the greater World in which he/she lives, and within themselves with regard to the integration and congruence of mind, body, heart and spirit.

We will probably be writing about and discussing the subject of integration a great deal, however, for the moment, we will share with you the philosophy of integration as defined by an organisation, Integral Institute, which focuses very definitively on all things integral. We believe it suits quite well…

“Integral Institute is dedicated to the proposition that partial and piecemeal approaches to complex problems are ineffective. Whether addressing individual and personal issues of meaning and transformation, or increasingly complex social problems such as war, hunger, disease, over-population, housing, ecology, and education, partial and fragmented approaches need to be replaced by solutions that are more comprehensive, systematic, encompassing—and integral.” – Integral Institute

Best wishes to one and all,

16th April 2006.