LoveThe basis which ties together all of our messages is that of love. Not love as in solely a romantic love or physical attraction, but the more general, all-encompassing definition of love as complete acceptance and the honouring, all-embracing approach of life and self.

It’s the activity of doing things because we want to, because it is self-respecting, of what we are actually capable of as much as anything. It is the choice of love based action, rather than acting out of fear, and that comes with understanding.

It’s an abundance and teamwork mentality as opposed to a scarcity and separation mentality. That is not to say that one cannot work with love individually. It’s accepting of people and things the way they are, rather than imposing our personal, subjective preferences and requirements of approval upon them, to “want for the other what they want for themselves”.

To embrace one’s human potential, is love. Yet to accept oneself when not doing so is also love. 

To tell ourselves that we are worthless is not loving.  However, to accept ourselves for doing so, is loving.

Acceptance means accepting oneself even for being angry, weak, jealous, or of any other emotion. In additon to that, love then also means acknowledging one’s own power and choice not to be that way, or to be as good as we wish to be.

Equally, it means accepting others if they are being angry, weak, jealous, or so on.

Love equates to life, which equates to the Universe and everything in it.

You do not have to like something to love it. To love it is to understand why it is there.

In our Core Messages which follow, each contains a message based on the wisdom of love.

To listen to your body and respond to that, is love. 

To believe that we can do things with integrity, rather than fear we will only be able to get what we need by cutting corners and foresaking other people’s feelings and wellbeing, is love.

And to believe we can do things sustainably rather than fear that we lack the ability to meet all of our needs is also love. As is honouring one’s own right, and that of all other individuals, to do things from a position of freedom. To give ourselves and others the ‘freedom to give’.

To build or do things beautifully and sustainably rather than crudely and without integrity or integration is an expression of love over (or rather than) fear.

If you look at people who are considered successful, the things which they create are things of beauty, one way or another. Why? Because they are coming from true self expression rather than a mindset of “I’d better do it this way…”. Love equates to life, which also equates to truth of self. Each individual knows inherently what beauty and capability lies inside of them. The opportunity, therefore, is to allow it out.

Everywhere one looks one can see the difference between those things which are built with love, and those things which are built with fear.

The things built with love, which can also include an honouring of our utmost potential, inspire us, and are pleasing to the soul. We can literally see the designer’s or entrpreneur’s passion and creative vision in each of these manifestations, in every brushstroke, in every brick, in every word. This website, too, is continuously being built with love.

Things which are built or done with love, work and are successful, and things which are built or done with fear will inevitably fail and cause problems, such as the social problems which come with fear-based cheap housing; the heart attack of the big businessman who didn’t follow his heart. Why? Because life has to find a way to give us the feedback when we are not being all that we wish to be. This in turn allows us to become and evolve our true selves, as is the nature of life. Life and growth, and therefore love, are interlinked. Anything that is truly alive is constantly growing all the time. It is passionate, vibrant, and alert.

James Blacker, 15th May 2006.

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