Sustainability in all Things

One of the most basic principle keys to freedom and happiness, is sustainability. This is the ability to maintain the things we wish to maintain in a happy, healthy and harmonious way.

And like all other abilities, it is a potential, or art, which can be developed, and can, and ought, also be an enjoyable and creative experience.

First and foremost, though, where our actions create disharmony as a result of being borne out of negative, limiting and fear based beliefs and approaches, thinking must affect future behavious to be sure we avoid such things as constant worry, inefficiency, imprisonment and overhanging pessimism, as sustainability is the first step – the basis for everything else that may follow.

So far from being a fear-based belief that we must have these positive beliefs in sustainability, the point is about the benefits and common sense of not having these negative beliefs that we must follow such paths and behavious which are unsustainable, as to believe there isn’t another way is always going to be incorrect and untrue, as…

“The Universe is a field of all possibilities.” – Deepak Chopra


“Whatever can be conceived can be achieved.” – Napoleon Hill

We can also work on the other end of the tunnel!

Simultaneously then, a further opportunity which is available to us at the same time as developing patterns of sustainability is that we can also be mindful of developing and strengthening our ‘emotional freedom muscles’ and ‘psychological flexibility’ so that we are less attached to how the future will be in any event.

With this greater freedom comes the room (the emotional freedom) to create the desired outcomes. Why? Because the fear of what may be is not there affecting, hindering and impeding us (or does not affect us so much).

Furthermore, if we wish to sustain something, but do not need to (at least for the purpose of maintaining our own happiness and inner calm), then the task is also easier, as needing to sustain nothing is a nicer proposition than needing to sustain x, y or z.

If you could have anything? If you could create your life any way you want it?

So then we look at the obvious question, “What are the things which we’d like to maintain in a happy, healthy and harmonious way?”

Our lives, most obviously, but within that we might also wish to sustain our health, our fitness and our waistlines, our finances, our happiness, our relationships, our communities, our eco-system, and our world. And, of course, you will be able to think of many other things in between these.

If you do something twice a week to keep fit, but don’t enjoy the thing you do, then combined with your basic human need for happiness, that situation is unsustainable.

Likewise, if you don’t mind it, but would rather be doing something else – if you only really do it for the effects; the benefits and consequences. That is also unsustainable because it neglects the possibility of living in the moment. Or at least living for the moment and actually wishing to be in it.

Similarly, if you have a supposedly sustainable high-luxury lifestyle, but hate your job, then this too is really unsustainable, as sooner or later something will have to give within you and your life.

So too if you spend more than you earn, work when you should rest, or act when by your wisest part it feels wrong to do so. The things that you need to sustain must always be done so in the light of everything else, in this instance for example your finacial power must be sustainable in the light of sustaining your health and your happiness also.

Similarly if you act as if you are only able to keep a relationship by pretending to be someone you are not or doing things you don’t wish to do. These things will always catch up with us, and, in part at least, we are aware that this is so in any case.

“Positive influences start with you and work outwards, always.” – Colin Turner

Globally, too, as individuals and as a collective, we either have the intelligence and wisdom to apply and live the principles of sustainability and co-operation or we don’t. This opportunity for creating and sustaining that which we may desire includes such things as global prosperity, sustainability of the planet, of peace, of human health, of our energy sources, of collective or global happiness, and of all the things we enjoy.

An individual can satisfy his or her self that they reflect their true sense of self-belief and even a belief in humanity without having to worry about whether others are co-operating or folowing suit. For there is no mileage in trying to control others or of feeling dependent upon them. Such a thing is a fear-based approach and, of course, yes, you guessed it, unsustainable, as history and just about every area of modern life has proved. If you have a passion for something its influence will rub off on others as a natural matter of course in any case.

And finally the way we work, and the integrity with which we live our lives also. If the way in which we act in business, in relationships, is different to the way in which we would like to see the world, and the values which determine how we fell we ought to act, then this also will be unsustainable in the environment of our own minds, and of our hearts and in our spirit, as these reflect our own true selves and best capabilities.

So sustainability is the first step.

Once we have sustainability, we then have the freedom to go on and explore and enjoy our human potential, and our lives!

James Blacker, 28th March 2006.