The Competition Myth

“There has never been anyone quite like you. Nor will there ever be. So what is there to compete with or compare against?!”

As first detailed by Colin Turner in his audio presentation, ‘Alternative Thinking’, the biggest barriers to the effectiveness of our thinking and understanding are comparison and competition.

It is important for us to mention this here because it would be doing you a disservice to lead you to believe that we were saying that embracing human potential was about competing with others to be better than them. Or even to believe that it’s about competing with yourself. Simply, it is about being and honouring yourself and honouring your own true potential.

This excerpt from the Colin Turner presentation gives you a fresh perspective to see this issue from…

“Take you. There has never been anyone quite like you. Nor will there ever be. So what is there to compete with or compare against?!”

So the real measure, as Turner points out, is how we fare with regard to our own potential. Are we ‘full-filling’ ourselves?

And speaking with our own David Heard about how people approach goals with his Fitness Consultancy, he too demonstrates the application of this understanding in their work.

David explained, “Anyone who works with the Fitness Consultancy is a winner. The idea is that we should all ultimately feel like and indeed be winners. It’s just that most don’t understand the competition!”

The speed at which one chooses their rate of growth does not need to be determined by how fast others are going, or by how fast others say we should be going.

The simplest way is to listen to how you feel. If you feel you aren’t growing in life as quickly as you would like you can up the ante a little. If it feels as though you are going too hard you can rein it in a bit. When you feel right on course then you know you are going at the speed which is right for you. The heart will know, and it will tell you also if you listen to yourself.

In the world of sport there’s a phrase “the biggest battle is not with them out there. It’s with yourself”.

But above all else, blasting away the competition myth means realising that nobody else can have an influence on the level of success you achieve, however you wish to define it. If it appears as though ‘competitiors’ are the reason why you didn’t achieve what you set out to achieve, then that is generally a misunderstanding.

This applies equally if you are under the illusion of thinking you are competing with someone else for the heart of a lover. We only ever ‘compete’, if that is the right word, with ourselves, and even that ultimately comes down to knowing ourselves rather than competing with ourselves. A similar insight in to this is The Simplicity of Self Fulfillment Video…

It also means living in the moment. Feelings of having gone too fast or too slow in the past are simply kindly guides for how to approach, and enjoy, the present moment. It is about feeling that you are being true to yourself NOW.

When you realise that ‘all is one’ as they say, then you will realise that there is no competition or separate interests, just one big opportunity, and whether or not you take that opportunity to any extent is still a choice; your choice.

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